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Hi, thanks for dropping by.

I began my acting career after years of working as an advertising agency commercial producer for national brands. Producing radio and TV commercials in all product and service categories paved a way to perform on-camera and in voice over. I began acting training in NYC and soon began working on both sides of the camera. I love the creative process and how each project is a new adventure and experience whether commercial or narrative in scope.

Show Reels

Here’s my commercial and theatrical show reels along with some fav spots.

Commercial Reel

Theatrical Reel

Booz Allen Rolecall

Truluck Restaurant

Postal Annex 2 spots tied

Voice Over

Having produced, cast & directed numerous national radio commercials deepened my love of Voice Over acting. I now direct two audio drama series for Wise King Media and provide casting services for various clients. I also offer private coaching for those starting out or for seasoned actors looking to advance skills. My VO Coaching page has those details.

SERVICES: Voice Over, Copywriting, Digital and Social Media light audio Production – I am a pro VO actor but not a pro sound engineer, however for smaller projects I can certainly get the job done.

VOCAL DESCRIPTION: 18-30, young, perky, comedic, trusting corporate CATEGORIES: commercial, digital mktg, audio drama, animation, video games, explainer, eLearning, training, demonstration

HOME STUDIO: Deity S-Mic 2S shotgun, Focusrite Scarlett interface.

VO Spots

Voice Over TV Commercials – from fun, to explainer to more serious in nature.

Instamotor Financing

Intuit Mint Explainer

Text to Share


Click to see full frame/shot.  Some character shots are mixed in here as well.

Video Games & Audio Dramas

I am a audio drama series Director and casting director for “Jonathan Park Adventures” and “Adventum” produced by Wise King Media. Tracking VG characters and audio dramas allow for maximum creativity – I’ve been a French wench, a mean-girl top model, dying elf and turned into a pillar of salt! Character VO demo reel above has samples.

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